GNU/Linux install fest and Puppet tutorial

By strawdog, on 2013-10-15 00:00:00 -0400 EDT


2 day Workshop OCTOBER 26th and 27th 2013 Postponed:

- to enjoy all level of linux heaven -

  • BYOL- (bring your own laptop)
  • Entry fee: Donation based: James offers his time and Foulab the space - you give what you think is right ;-)

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Day 1: GNU/Linux install fest and beginner tutorial

  • “Late Morning” -10:00:

    • Installfest: Bring your own machine. Install GNU/Linux on your machine.

  • Afternoon-ish: 15:00 GNU/Linux intro-intermediate tutorial.

    • Intro: (1-1.5 hours max)
    • Intermediate: (1-2 hours depending on skill level and interest)

Day 2: Intermediate/Advanced Puppet tutorial

  • “Later Morning” 11:00 (we’re sysadmins, right)
  • Sysadmin/Devops/Puppet: Bring your own machine, or bring your machine back.

The general idea is that if you’re an ultra beginner, you come at the very start, and if you’re more intermediate and already have a Linux box, you can come in later on. Linux comfortable users who want to do some puppet/devops stuff can come only for day 2. Ultra beginners who aren’t ready for puppet or sysadmin-ing can only come for day 1.