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A glimpse into the space itself…

The Chill Room

The chill room, With projector, media computer, tiny arcade machine (hard to see in photo), Library, fridge, board games and couches.

The Electronics Workstation

Like the name suggests, this is where we do hardware. We’re fully stocked with soldering irons, oscilloscopes, power supplies, heat-guns, multi-meters, and enough spare parts to build anything. In frame, you see storage, the bench, a teletype, our door, and the user storage shelves where users store their stuff!

The Work Hub

Tables, comfortable chairs, outlets, and network cables: the recipe for fun and productivity. We have a number of guest terminals for folks who don’t bring their laptops. Some features are still in progress, for instance, the air-hockey table has not been ceiling mounted yet.

The Museum

Commodore 64’s, Apple II’s, video phones, and things only experts can identify. The history corner is a stroll down memory lane for our members over 25 and an awe-inspiring look at where we came from for our younger members. Best part about all this old stuff? Works like new.

The Fabrication Space

For projects bigger than a breadboard, our newly renovated workshop is where folks work on bikes, burning man projects, and robots you wouldn’t want to get in the way of. The photo is a bit out of date, the tools and materials have been better organized since that particular day. The CNC machine, band saw, drill press(s), and hand tools are in frame.

The Network

Foulab now has a dust resistant server shed! For details, ask us in person! Our locally accessible amenities include streaming video to the projector, music streaming to and from our sound server, a minecraft server, a linux distro ISO collection, and an IRC bot to name a few.


Not well photographed in any of the above is storage for users, and the casse populaire, where anyone can find parts or cables they need for projects or lab infrastructure.

3D Printers

As with most hacker spaces, we have 3D printers and piles upon piles of filament.

Chemical Cabinet

We store paints, etchents, cleaning products and other things in a heavy duty metal cabinet.

In Progress

The space is constantly evolving, as such, we have a list of near future infrastructure items that members, users, and guests work on.

To name a few:

  • Chemistry/Biohacking bench
  • UV/resin 3D printer
  • laser sintering 3d printer
  • air filtration
  • vending machines & cleaning/serving robots
  • Emergency Party mode
  • Thunderdome
  • Software Defined Radio