/ Introduction to computer vision with Open CV, Saturday February 5

Introduction to computer vision with Open CV, Saturday February 5

By grapefruit , on 2011-01-18 18:07

UPDATE: The workshop has been rescheduled from 3-7pm, on the same day, to accomodate those who wish to take part in the political demonstration downtown.

Do you want to make your computer react to light, movement and gestures? Do you want to capture and process images and video as part of your project? Do you wonder: whats wrong with these lazy AI programmers, why cant my computer recognize me yet? Get answers to all these questions and more at the Foulab Workshop “Introduction to computer vision with OpenCV”!

The workshop is aimed at people with some programming knowledge, but not necessarily any computer vision knowledge. We will cover:

- how to install and set up the Open Computer Vision toolkit,
- an introduction to computer vision algorithms,
- a couple interactive OpenCV demonstrations that you can use as a starting point for your own projects.

The primary programming language for the workshop will be Python. Some C++ will also be used.

This workshop has an important hands-on component - please bring a laptop and a webcam. We are planning to support windows and linux - if you would like to use a mac, please let us know well in advance.

Cost will be 25$

Time: Saturday, Feb 5, 1-5pm

The workshop presentations will be in English, but we are more than happy to provide support and answer questions in French. Preregistration is not mandatory, but it will help for planning purposes, printing hand outs, etc. Send a quick email to

While this workshop will be limited in scope to OpenCV itself, people are encouraged to stay after the workshop and discuss more advanced topics, such as the interfacing of openCV with other libraries and languages. If you have projects in mind or in progress, please do stick around and chat with us!