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strawdog / Power Bar

A guy like me uses a lot of power outlets. Stores keep selling these “power strips” with six outlets, eight outlets. Amateurs… Behold a serious power bar. Featuring:

  • 24 outlets, arranged in 4 switched and 2 unswitched banks
  • Ammeter / Voltmeter included, so i can see how much power im wasting.
  • No, despite many snide comments, its NOT a fire hazard - all outlets are in standard electrical boxes and its fused at 10A.
  • Plus, it functions as a small shelf, so all the various gadgets that are always needing to be charged get tucked up on top, out of the way.

Heres what my desk looked like before, and after, installing this monstrosity.


The front panels were the first things I ever designed and cut out with the Foulab CNC machine. (Thanks to Maxster for showing me how!)

QCAD drawing of part of front panel

Heres a video of the CNC cutting out a panel. Sorry for the blurriness, but it was taken with the safety shield in place.