Work In Progress Night: Etch a sketch drawing machine. The sequel.

By strawdog, on 2013-11-21 00:00:00 -0500 EST

We already had the motorised etch a sketch at a previous WIP night, but it was still very far from completion. While the idea of putting a couple steppers on an etch a sketch to produce etch a sketch drawings seems straightforward, there are actually a number of tricky points. There is quite a bit of mechanical backlash in the sketch, meaning that the order in which you draw lines makes a lot of difference. The image processing required to generate a scene which can be drawn in a single line from a picture is also interesting.

Results from the last time the etch a sketch was at WIP night.

Cost: Free, although pass-the-hat style donations to support the lab are encouraged.

Wednesday Nov. 27, 18:30-22:00

On Work In Progress Night a foulaber will bring a work in progress to the lab and work on it for a few hours. Anyone interested can drop in to check it out and discuss the project, receive or give advice, or bring a similar project and work on it. There is no promise that anything will actually work, but it should be fun!!!