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I recently built a lamp from scratch, here are some pictures of the process.

Home Made Lamp
The final result. I used the cover from an old iMac G4 that was lying around the lab for the shade.

Home Made Lamp 2
1. First step of the build. It's made of two aluminium plates and a square aluminium bar.

Home Made Lamp 3
2. The C clamp will be used to hold the lamp to a table. I chose a 1 inch clamp, that's enough for most tables.

Home Made Lamp 4
3. the screw I used to create this first axis is threaded on only half of its length, so the top aluminium bar can rotate freely while the screw is held in place in the bottom bar.

Home Made Lamp 5
4. This piece will hold the two bars that create the second axis, which allow the forward and backward movement.

Home Made Lamp 6
5. you can see here the second axis, these are two 1/2 inch by 1 foot square aluminium tubes.

Home Made Lamp 7
6. The joint between the second and third axis.

Home Made Lamp 8
7. Just like the second axis, the third axis is made of aluminium tubes. This axis allows the up and down movement of the lamp.

Home Made Lamp 9
8. This last piece will allow the shade to be installed. As you can see on the two pictures below, I used the cover from an old iMac G4 that was lying around the lab.

Home Made Lamp 10 Home Made Lamp 11

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