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The Lab

Here are some pictures from around the lab

The Chill Room

The Chill Room is where we have our meetings, and where we hang out to relax after a full day of making things.
The Lab/Chill Room/1

The Electronics Bench

Llike the name suggests, this is where we do electronics. We have plenty of soldering irons, random parts for projects, and a rework station.
The Lab/Electronics/1
This will also be of interest to some: a rack full of goodies from the past.
The Lab/Electronics/2

The Computer Table

A table where we have some computers that people use for all sorts of things.
The Lab/Computers/1

The Kitchen

We have a kitchen corner, where we sometimes cook food before our weekly meetings.
The Lab/Kitchen/1


We haven't figured out why, but people tend to give us their old printers. We currently have a Xerox wax printer, a sticker printer and a couple of badge printers setup for our members.
The Lab/Printers/1

The Network

Foulab is not all about hardware hacking, we have a large group of software people too. Our modest network infrastructure is running smoothly in this rack.
The Lab/Servers/1The Lab/Servers/2

We actually have more equipment but we don't want to run up our electricity bill. Believe it or not, almost all of that was donated to us! And there's more!
The Lab/Servers/3The Lab/Servers/4


We always have people donating stuff to us, so we built a lot of shelves.
The Lab/Storage/1

Our Tools

What would foulab be without the ability to make awesome stuff? Here's some of our tools.


The CNC is an amazing tool. We acquired it for a ridiculously low price and have been very happy with it. And yes, that joystick is used to position the CNC manually.
The Lab/Tools/CNC/1The Lab/Tools/CNC/2

Hand Tools

We have just about about every tool we can ever need.
The Lab/Tools Area/1

Our band saw is a very old one, it was non-functional when we received it because of a thick layer of rust and a missing motor. We got rid of the rust with a mild acid and gave it a good coat of paint.
The Lab/Bandsaw/1The Lab/Drillpress/1

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