/ Foodhacking workshop: how to make mustard

Foodhacking workshop: how to make mustard

Par grapefruit , le 2011-02-15 00:00

Making mustard is easy, fun and mustard is really good for you! On saturday February 26th (12-2pm), you too can learn how to make it!

Many people like mustard but have no idea how easy it is to make. Pretty much the only thing you need is mustard seeds, salt and vinegar - everything else is to taste. You can make tons of different kinds of mustard - white, yellow, black, with different spices, with honey, etc...People also don't know this, but mustard has many health benefits from being a digestion booster to being a source of Omega 3s. The only tools that are needed to make mustard are some mixing bowls and food processors.

This workshop would last 2 hours and will 1. introduce people to the health benefits of mustard, 2. get people to make their own mustard by going off of a basic, adaptable recipe.

Participation is $5-10 sliding scale entry. Please bring: 1 a mason jar to bring home your mustard, 2. a plastic mixing bowl and a spoon.