/ Foulab DIY party: 7 February @ 7pm

Foulab DIY party: 7 February @ 7pm

Par foulab, le 2009-02-04 00:00

Only a few days left before the party. The Foulab party will be a place to experiment and exchange ideas. So bring your ideas, projects, beer and laptop to the party!

Here's a non exhaustive list of activities that will occur on the Saturday 7th of Febuary, starting 19h, in no particular order

  • Activity: Build your own HeadPhone amp
  • Duration 30 mins - Place for 10 people - Cost 10$ (parts)
  • Host: LegionLabs
  • Event Description: This is an introduction to electronics. No previous experience necessary. You will build a functional headphone amplifier for portable media players.

  • Activity: Paper Aircraft AeroDynamics
  • Duration : 40 minutes
  • Hosts: Rudra, Bikram, and Maxter
  • Event Description: This workshop will cover a variety of miniature unpowered airplane designs using several materials. Topics such as drag, lift, center of mass, and other aerodynamic concerns will be discussed in an effort to create the ultimate aircraft.

  • Activity: Getting started with the Arduino and what can I do with it thereafter?
  • Hosts : xSmurf, guinness
  • Duration : 40 mins
  • Event Description : An introduction to the Ardurino AVR platform development environment (aka the led blink) followed by a talk/discussion on what can be done with the Arduino and how far it can be pushed. Please try to bring your own laptop (and Arduino if you have one!). Free LED for all participant!

  • Activity: Lightning talks
  • Duration: 30 min
  • Event Description: 5mn presentations on many topics. Register your talk at info)( or during the party

  • Activity: Discussion and Request For Help table
  • Duration: Ad-Hoc
  • Event Description: Present your problems and ideas to people around the table then discuss them

  • Activity: VJing workshop (30mn)
  • Hosts: Hpnotik, Ma" (
  • Event Description: Try your hand at making images dance on screens

  • Activity: Real time audio/video mix of "musical movies"
  • Host: Ouananiche ( & Luigi
  • Event Description: AudioVideo Set - Ouananche and Luigi will experiment with realtime video and audio mixing of "musical movies"

  • Activity: Foulabers Music
  • Host: DJ Random
  • Duration: Ad-Hoc
  • Event Description: Shell script driven music

  • Activity: Musical table
  • Host : Foulab
  • Duration: Ad-Hoc
  • Event Description: Make noise from things that can make music

  • Activity: Laser Tagging
  • Hosts : Foulab
  • Duration: Ad-Hoc
  • Event Description: Grab a laser and write an ephemeral tag on a wall!