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Halloween Brain Bash Party - 30-OCT-2015

By strawdog, on 2015-10-24 09:16

NeurotechX and Foulab are hosting a party, friends of Foulab and of NeurotechX are of course invited! Costumes encouraged. Scary movies and high-voltage-brain fun to be had. A 5$ donation is encouraged to cover food and beverages. Registration on meetup also encouraged!

What you need to know:

An evening with Moldover 24-SEP-2015 18:00h

By strawdog, on 2015-09-20 21:22

In this interactive demonstration, Moldover will present his latest music and instrument creations, including The Robocaster Guitar, the prototype MC1 Voice-Controller, and the Light-Theremin CD packaging from his debut album.

About the Artist:

"A musician at heart, inventor born of curiosity, and innovator by necessity, I believe the world calls him the 'Godfather of Controllerism' for damned good reasons".
-John Tackett, Crowd Wire

Moldover's collected work is deep, diverse, and nearly impossible to summarize, but its essence shines clearly when you see the artist on stage delivering emotional and authentic performances with hybrid instruments of his own design. Explore his creations further and you'll discover a cultural icon who invents new formats for interactive album artwork, cultivates collaboration by building elaborate jamboxes, and has inspired an entire generation of free-culture music-makers by openly sharing his methods and his madness.

Moldover's Four Track - Documentary Video

BBS: The Documentary 27-JUN-2015 18:00h

By strawdog, on 2015-06-24 08:04

This Saturday June 27th at 18h join us at Foulab in retro life with a view of BBS The Documentary. The series in eight episodes explores the world of the BBS all the way to it's replacement by the internet. As an example of technological autonomy BBSs were crafted, operated, and moderated by the community for the community. They faced repression from the state and capital and prevailed in the pursuit of fun and profit. The practice of BBBs is in stark contrast with today's commercial social media monopolies who sell users' data on the market and provide it on request to the state.


By strawdog, on 2015-06-12 18:36

A Foulab administrative meeting will be held Monday June 22, at 19h.

Canadian Civil Liberties Association: TalkRights 14-MAY-2015 17:30

By strawdog, on 2015-05-08 00:00

The Canadian Civil Liberties Associationis gearing up to launch a new online space for the public to learn about their civil liberties. As part of the launch, the CCLA is visiting community organizations, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders to build a blueprint for the project's development post-launch.

The CCLA will be visiting Foulab on Thursday May 14th from 5:30 — 7:30pm for an informal get together — bring a friend, and your ideas about civil liberties in Canada!

What content about civil liberties, rights and freedoms do you feel is currently missing or hard to access? What issues should the CCLA be focusing on in the coming year? Come have a beer and talk about it with Lex Gill and Dr. Brenda McPhail from the CCLA, this Thursday!

(This main event will be in English, but the Q&A and discussion afterwards will be bilingual.)

Junk Independence Day Returns! 21-MAR-2015 14-18h

By strawdog, on 2015-03-12 18:46

PLEASE NOTE: The time has been corrected
Foulab is having our second Junk Independence Day, this time in conjunction with our spring cleaning!

Here's how it works: bring any junk you want to get rid of. Or bring nothing. Then look through the junk pile and take any junk that strikes your fancy! At the end of the day all unclaimed junk WILL BE RECYCLED so don't leave anything behind that think you might want!

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