/ Prusa Mendel Build Party!

Prusa Mendel Build Party!

By einstein, on 2012-08-12 00:00

For almost a year now, we have had a 3D printer at Foulab. Only one at first, then many more popped out of the first one. Then friends and visitors immediately wanted to build their own. Today, Foulab and VoxelFactory are happy to announce that we will be holding a Build Party at Foulab on September 29th and 30th!

This will take the form of a two-day workshop where participants will build their own printers, then calibrate it and leave with a fully functional 3D printer and a working knowledge of how to build, modify and operate them. We have put together a kit just for the occasion with the best parts from all corners of the RepRap community. It's a Prusa Mendel Iteration 2, the best and possibly the most popular of all DIY 3D printers.

Check out the course planning: Overview of the two day class (en).pdf (also available in french: Survol du cours sur deux jours (fr).pdf)

If you are interested, the price is 999$ for the whole package: complete kit and the two-day class. RSVP to

And here's all the important details in one place:
Build Party Poster (en).png