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Dwarf Fortress! Workshop

By legionlabs, on 2011-09-27 00:00


This workshop, to be held at Foulab, 999 Du College #33B on Sunday October 16th from 1-5pm is for people who have some basic, rudimentary experience with Dwarf Fortress.

None of us are experts and we're hoping that by bringing a bunch of people together, we can compare and contrast experiences and get better as a result.

Dwarf Fortress is a free and fun downloadable game which has been in constant evolution since 2002. It is a...n incredibly complex and immersive simulation in which you take a group of dwarves through the creation and evolution of an expansive fortress, replete with multiple subterenean levels, complex, interconnected industries, foreign powers you can trade with (and war against) and a myriad of complex machinery to keep a slew of mythical creatures at bay. Interestingly, all of this is conveyed via a strictly ASCII interface. We'll do this by looking at some online tutorials and then breaking up into small groups to discuss: 1. site selection, 2. embarkment, 3. rudimentary fortress creation and 4. things to bear in mind when expanding.

You should bring a laptop with the game installed.

This workshop is also connected to a class I'm doing in which I'm interested in looking at the extent to which Dwarf Fortress recreates the integrated complexity of what we can name as "the everyday". As such, for those interested in participating, we'll allocate some time at the end to have a brief discussion and fill out a small questionaire.

Participating in this will set you back a suggested $5-10 donation to go towards Foulab, montreal's hackerspace: Please RSVP at

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