/ Python workshop this Sunday, January 16

Python workshop this Sunday, January 16

By grapefruit , on 2011-01-11 19:38

This sunday, if you've ever wondered how your computer or other electronic device can do as its told, or wanted to automate something, come on down to Foulab, Montreal prominent hackerspace, for a laid back introduction to the magic of programming. The time shall be spent taking a calm and laid back approach to concepts common to most modern programming methods though the incredibly powerful, yet simple, language that is Python.

With practical examples, puzzles and just plain tomfoolery, this course's goal is to hopefully have you leaving with a better understanding of the things that are becoming a major linchpin of modern society, if not instilling an intuitive foundation in order pursue greater things!

So this sunday 16th come for a day of learning and discovery at Foulab.

Time? : 13:00 to 18:00 ( just drop in! ) Cost? : 25$

Material? : Bring your laptop no matter how powerful. Be it a Mac, PC, or Linux computer, Python runs on all of those! As well as a number of smartphones!