/ Upcoming workshops for October and November

Upcoming workshops for October and November

By fx, on 2010-09-29 00:00

We have a couple of neat workshops coming up in the next two months.

Introduction to Electronics

Saturday, October 23rd at 6pm, presented by Legionlabs.

This course covers the basic physical laws that govern the behavior of passive electronic components. It will teach you how to use a multimeter and a breadboard, the most basic tools for prototyping and testing circuits. You will also learn how to read a circuit diagram, and solder using through-hole circuit boards and components. This course is intended to give you enough practical experience to manufacture simple electronic devices by following a circuit diagram, and enough theoretical experience to prepare you for more advanced workshops. There are no prerequisites other than the willingness to learn.

Cost: 20$ per person.

Duration: 3 hours

Arduino 2

aka "I got the LED blink, now what?"

Please note that the date for this workshop has been moved to November 13th.
Saturday, November 13th at 2pm, presented by fx.

This workshops builds on the previous Introduction to the Arduino workshop. Participants are not required to have attended the previous workshop, but should be familiar with Arduino basics such as digital and analog input and output, either through another course or through self-study.

Participants will learn how to connect other gadgets to the Arduino to expand its capabilities. We will connect additional IO ports, read input from sensors such as a temperature sensor, and put the whole thing together to create an electronic bar-graph thermometer. Some components included! (IO expander, etc.)

Bring your own Arduino. If you would like to purchase the new Arduino Uno from us, please send an email to before October 15th! The Uno will cost an additional $40 on top of the workshop fee.

Cost: 30$ per person.

Duration: 3 hours.