/ Foulab end-of-summer party!

Foulab end-of-summer party!

By fx, on 2010-09-03 00:00

Foulab Workshops & Party, 18 September 2010

Join us at Foulab for an end of summer gathering with workshops, a party and dry ice.

What's on the schedule?

Workshops, 14h00-17h00

Brewing: It's like Science, but for sober people! - by Sean
Description: Are you tired of the mass-produced swill that goes for beer these days? Do you yearn for the goodness of quality microbrewery ale, but cannot fit it in your budget? If so, then this is the course for you. We will cover the basics of brewing various alcohols, and discuss the relative merits and shortcomings of different methods (kits vs. raw materials only). We will describe the equipment required for brewing, as well as cover the principal steps that are common to most recipes. After the basics are covered, I will touch a few more advanced topics such as cost and time optimization strategies, different bottling techniques, and I may even reveal the coveted recipe for 'Discount Cider'... the cheapest, finest drink in town (mostly cheapest).

L'Atelier sera présenté en anglais, mais je suis bilingue et les questions en français sont bienvenues!

Entry fee: $20

Arduino Workshop – by Michel, Smurf and Max
Description: An introductory workshop on the use of the Ardurino micro-controller. The Arduino is a small but powerful computing device that can be used to control lights, speakers, motors, sensors and other devices, and is commonly used in art installations and robotics. It is easy to program and requires no prior programming experience. If you are an artist, tinkerer or inventor who would like to learn how to use the Arduino in your own projects, this is the workshop for you. Please bring a laptop and/or your Arduino if you have one. Computers will be available for those without one, and Arduinos will be for sale (while quantities last).

Entry fee: $20
Entry fee + arduino price: $50

Renoise Workshop + LSDJ Workshop – by XC3N
Description: Presentation of Renoise 2.6 followed by an introduction to LSDJ (Little Sound DJ).
You can bring your laptops & download the demo version of Renoise from

Entry fee: FREE (voluntary contributions welcome)

Followed by a dry ice party & musical performances! (20h00+)

We will have a great evening of dry ice fun. Always wanted to play with some? Now is your chance. Anything from just a really cool drink to a dry ice rubens tube or maybe even a cold boot attack... So bring your mits, beakers and booze! Dry Ice Is Cool.
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