/ August 2009 Workshops

August 2009 Workshops

By fx, on 2009-07-28 00:00

The following workshops will occur in August as part of Foulab's ongoing Thursday night workshop and presentation series. Everybody is welcome to attend, please register at workshops at

Arduino Jam

Thursday, August 13th

Cost: $15.00 suggested donation

An introductory workshop on the use of the Ardurino micro-controller for robotics development followed by an improvisational arduino jam. Please try to bring your own laptop (and Arduino if you have one!).

Basic Principles of Refrigeration

Thursday, August 20th

Cost: $15.00 suggested donation

An overview of the basic principles of refrigeration and the technology. Looking for the 411 on your AC? This is indisputably the coolest workshop we'll be doing all Summer.

Safe and Effective Operation of Power Tools

Thursday, August 27th

Cost: $15.00 suggested donation

The does and don'ts of power tool operation. Become intimately familiar with Foulab's substantial power tool arsenal. Discover once and for all why wearing eye protection and obeying safety protocols is a damned good idea.