/ July 2009 Workshops

July 2009 Workshops

By cleverdick, on 2009-06-23 19:48

The following workshops will occur in July as part of Foulabs ongoing Thursday night workshop and presentation series. Everybody is welcome to attend, please register at workshops at

Serial/Parallel Domination!! (Controlling Things With Serial and Parallel Ports)
July 2nd, 7pm
Suggested price: $15.00
Learn how to connect devices like dumb terminals, switches, LEDs, buttons, and other sensors using your computer's serial, parallel or joystick ports.Bring some weird old gear to connect, or use the provided switches, LEDs and other gadgets included in the workshop fee.

Arduino Jam
July 9th, 7pm
Suggested price: $15.00
An introduction to the Ardurino AVR platform development environment followed by an improvisational arduino jam. Please try to bring your own laptop (and Arduino if you have one!).

Exploring and Subverting Physical Security
July 16th, 7pm
Suggested price: $15.00
Learn the ins and outs of locksporting including a tools overview, demonstrations and hands on tutorials.

Linux Config Basics
July 23rd, 7pm
Suggested price: $15.00
This workshop will cover techniques fundamental to command-line Linux configuration. Topics to be explored include terminal commands, package management, and configuration files. Participants are encouraged to bring Linux laptops and specific configuration issues they wish to resolve.

Valkyrie needs food... Badly! A group discussion on ethical dilemmas and video-gaming
July 30th, 7pm
Admission by donation
Is there karmic virtue to the actions you take in a virtual (video game) environment? Does the good-vs-evil concept necessarily need to occur in real life for it to have real meaning? This group discussion will consider these question - both from the single-mindedness epic focus of traditional video games (Gauntlet, Double Dragon, Might & Magic) as well as more modern and/or nuanced gaming environment where moral choices and gray ethical areas are presented to the player (Ultima, Fallout, Baldur's Gate). We will also consider our sometimes nuanced, often ambiguous relationship to ethics.