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Upcoming Workshops

By cleverdick, on 2009-06-02 20:59

The following workshops will occur in June as part of Foulabs ongoing Thursday night workshop and presentation series. Everybody is welcome to attend, please register at workshops at

Pico Cricket Jam
Thursday, June 18th - 7pm
Cost: $15.00 suggested donation
Plug and play robotics with the Pico Cricket brick system. A few bucks of bricks equals a whole whack of robotic fun. Join in as we take an innocent children's toy and subvert it towards all sorts of nefarious ends.

DIY Screenprinting
Thursday, June 25th - 7pm
Cost: $15.00 suggested donation
The basics of DIY screen printing. Learn how to take a digital image and transfer it from a computer to a t-shirt via photographic emulsion and old skool screen printing. Bring t-shirts and other articles of clothing to imprint with the Foulab logo.