/ Pico Cricket Jam @ foulab

Pico Cricket Jam @ foulab

By maxter, on 2009-03-04 00:00

Pico Cricket Plus Foulab

What: a bunch of grown-ups playing with kid's micro-controller systems.

When: Saturday March 7th at 13h

Where: Laboratoires Foulab, 183 Bates Suite 302

Pico Crickets micro-controller kits are aimed at young kids, but what happens when you let a bunch of older geeks play with them?

Whether you like to make noisy things, smart things or things that move, pico crickets will do it. Come and take part in this jam session. Chad from playfull inventions is comming over to the lab with a bunch of kits. You should bring: a computer, lego pieces and beverages.

For more info on the kits: